god damn it eren, this is why we can’t have nice things.


Please check out this completed fic HERE! A very lovely read especially for role reversal! (:


ereri for inktober

halloween kinda gives me creepy ideas~

I’m actually avoiding reading the last chapter to this cause I’m sad it’s ending. I’ve been following it since it first started on FF and it’s been crazy watching it grow.

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Hecho kakkeeeee~~!



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i’m bored


Levi, don’t be a show off.


Unpopular Opinion Time

That’s really all I have to say about the matter. Personally, I don’t care what’s what, who’s topping, who’s a bit out of character. I just want LevixEren. Sure, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but don’t you think it’s kinda mean that you’re putting down those who portray Levi a certain way?

Everyone has a different perspective and sometimes people just wanna play around with a character, so what? That’s what separates fanon from canon. People artistically reinterpreting a character is harmless and it’s pointless of you to argue against someone’s right to express Levi any way they want. This campaign you’ve got going on is shaming people, artists/writers and that’s really uncool. Not only that, but you’re also influencing others to put down those people too. Fans have the freedom and the right to interpret and play with the characters anyway they want to.

lol i’m gonna lose so many friends

Can I just point out that not many people don’t seem to be upset when Eren is made into a moe type? I just want to apply this to Eren as well since he seems to be the one written or shown most out of character in this pairing but people lose their minds when Levi is given a different interpretation


-struggles through creative slump-

I love these two dorks but somehow it’s the first time I’ve drawn them together?? ;v;